Our Mission

At Gymnastics CCC our mission is simple. To teach. To share years of expertise at the highest levels of coaching to whomever is looking to take the next step, see if they are still on the right path, grow their coaches and programs or just need another set of eyes in the gym. 

Gymnastics is an ever evolving sport with no end in sight. There are thousands of ways to teach something and each individual athlete will learn differently. This is why we do not take a one size fits all approach to teaching. Before we are even hired, we will look and listen to what your personal needs are and come up with a plan of attack to help your athletes and programs grow. We can work as individual coaches at set rates, organize clinics and camps for your gymnasts and/or coaches, provide in house consultations or skype in to discuss techniques and ideas just to name a few options. 



My name is Christian Gallardo

I have been coaching gymnastics for 10+ years now. I have been blessed with the opportunity to successfully coach and qualify gymnasts to some of the most prestigious events. Nastia Cup, JO Nationals, Pacific Rim, American Cup, and the Olympics. 

Throughout these successful times my one passion has never changed. Teaching; An absolute love for it. Whether it is learning the most basic maneuver or watching your athlete win Olympic Gold, the satisfaction the athlete shines forth is the same. That is what I want to share with the world. I want to help athletes, coaches, and businesses reach their maximum potential through my experience and my extreme passion. Whether it is through staff coaching, camps/clinics or business and program consultation the opportunities to grow in a forever evolving sport are endless. 



“Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.”
— Unknown